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The online voting service is designed to provide the Association with a cost effective and easy to use mechanism that allows members to vote from any computer. This means that a teacher can vote in the privacy of their home without any peer pressure. The cost for the voting service is only $500.00 per voting event.

Sandell & Associates will work closely with your association to ensure that the member information provided by the Association is accurate and sufficient to support the online voting process.

A Brief Primer on the Internet

Every computer that is on the internet has a unique identifier known as an IP (Internet Protocol) address. This address is used to identify the computer requesting or providing information so that any information requested or information status can be returned to that computer.

In essence, a computer is analogous to the voting envelope which the voting member would sign if they are voting by mail.

NOTE: In actuality, this would mirror the process imposed upon people voting an absentee ballot by mail in a state or general election.

The Online Voting Process

While sitting at any computer, the voting member must first get a ballot. This is done by going to the Association website and clicking on the hot link to ‘Cast A Ballot’ for an issue or an individual as announced to the membership using a Broadcast E-mail system which can also be provided (at an additional nominal cost) as part of this service if one is not available through the Association.

Once the member clicks on the link, they are taken to a secure website where they are required to enter their last name and a personal identification number. They then click the ‘Login’ button and are taken to the actual ballot assuming that they have NOT previously voted and that the information that they entered has matched the information on file at the Association.

On the ballot page, the member will see a ballot explanation and the list of available ballot choices. The member then clicks on the button on the ballot to cast their vote.

The member is then taken to an intervening page that displays their ballot choice and the member is given the option to change their vote before it is entered into the voting system. Once the member confirms their ballot selection, their vote is cast. A page is then displayed informing them that their vote has been registered. The member is also encouraged to print out that page which contains a hard copy of their vote.

When a vote is successful, the computer IP address that was used and the date of the vote is associated with the last name and personal identifying number for that member.

Recording The Vote Information

The Online Ballot has now been essentially “mailed” to the association member. The vote is recorded in two separate files. The first file is, in essence, the back of the envelope previously discussed and the file is shown below:

First Name

Last Name

ID Number


IP Address





The file records the date that the vote was cast and the IP address of the computer that provided the information. The Last Name and personal identifying number certifies the voter and the IP address provides a unique audit trail to insure that the information was not fabricated.

In order to maintain vote secrecy, the vote that was cast by a member is placed in a separate file, similar to separating the ballot from the envelope or depositing a ballot in a ballot box. It does not have any personal information associated with it, as shown below:

Vote On MOU


Each vote is recorded in this manner. Because the voting member and his/her vote is separated, ballot secrecy is maintained. The number of votes cast are reconciled with the number of people voting.

A tally page is provided within an hour of the close of voting. the results are provided for the official use of the association and the voting results can then published to members by the association.

All voting results are backed up daily.

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