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Your Association or Union relies on the input of your members for contract ratification or election of officers. Getting a timely and accurate voting result can be a costly and labor intensive effort. The costs associated with ballot development, printing and mailing to put that ballot in the hands of members can run into the thousands of dollars as well as hundreds of manhours.

Online voting provides an efficient and secure mechanism that is easy for your members to use. It also provides timely voting results while maintaining a secret ballot.

Utilization of online member voting provides a timely, efficient and secure method by which you can conduct contract ratification voting, M.O.U voting, voting for site representative and certified member surveys.  The estimated savings using online voting for these and other voting events varies but could exceed $4700.00 per voting event and represents savings for:

  • Ballot development.

  • Envelope stuffing.

  • Postage for mailing of ballots to members.

  • Return postage for completed ballots.

  • Receipts of mail-in ballots and signature verification.

  • Ballots separation for secret voting.

  • Counting of certified ballots.

  • Reporting of voting results.

Voting requirements and the costs for your association may be different, however all voting activities are labor intensive and as such carry with them the cost of that labor as well as the cost of materials and, in many instances, the cost of postage.

The online voting service offered by Sandell & Associates provides your organization with a cost effective alternative to voting using your current approach to member participation!

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